FAQ | Fanshop Českého hokeje


How can I reach you?   


You can contact us by e-mail or phone call. You will find current contact infromation on our Contacts page. 




How can I pay for my order? 


You can choose many different types of payment for our Czech hockey merch treasure. You can find all of them and all important information at Payment options page.


TIP FOR YOU: Be aware that chosen type of payment can affect delivery time. If you want to have the ordered goods with you as soon as possible, choose online payment by card or cash on delivery.



Why I have to pay for some products in advance? 


Some products, especially those made to order, such as personalized t-shirts or some jerseys, need to be paid for in advance when the order is placed. We only make these products after you have ordered them, so it is not possible to cancel or return such a purchase without any reasons.


TIP FOR YOU: Payment in advance by card or bank transfer is a completely safe way of paying for the order, in which there is no risk of misuse of your data. If you are ordering for the first time and you are not sure about the selection of products, you can visit our fanshop in person.



How quick can you send my order? 


If the products you ordered are in stock we will process your order within 1 to 2 business days after receiving payment (or after confirming your cash on delivery order). Then the shipping service takes an average of 2 to 3 days to deliver the goods to your home.

However the delivery dates are only indicative. If the fanshop or shipping service is very busy the delivery time may be extended.


TIP FOR YOU: You can find information about stock availability of any product or the estimated time of production in its description.



How quickly can you make a product to order for me? 


Products that are made to order, i.e. jerseys, subli t-shirts or cycling jerseys, are always produced after your order. Therefore, their delivery time is longer than that of products in stock and is normally around 30 days.


TIP FOR YOU: Always check carefully the size of the jersey or other product to order as these products cannot be returned without giving reasons. However you apply standard warranty.



Why I have to pick up some product in person? 


Some products need to be picked up in person at our store, as we do not send them by any shipping service. These are mainly fragile or bulky goods, such as calendars, posters, Christmas decorations etc. 


TIP FOR YOU: You can always find information about the fact that you have to pick up a specific product in person in its description. This way, you will find out before you send the order itself.




What size should I choose? 


The size chart that you can find with each product will help you choose the right size. If you are still not sure about your size contact us and we will be happy to help you.


TIP FOR YOU: Each specific product may have its own size chart. So don't rely on the fact that any other product fits you well and always check the size chart before each purchase.




What if I choose wrong?


Everything is all right. You can use the standard 14 day period for returning goods purchased online without any reason. More information on returns can be found on our Returns and Warranty page.


TIP FOR YOU: However, this does not apply for customized products, i.e. products on which we print, for example, your name or number. They don't have a standard 14 day return period, so you really need to think twice and make sure the order is correct.



How can I buy and use gift voucher? 


if you want to make a hockey fan happy, but you're not quite sure what exactly to buy, we've got the perfect solution for you! You can buy online or physical gift vouchers worth 500 CZK or 1 000 CZK in our e-shop. They cannot be applied to charity and partnership products or commission goods.

Online gift vouchers can be used for purchases in our e-shop. We automatically send an online voucher in the form of a unique code to your e-mail address with confirmation of the received payment. Only one gift coupon can be used for one purchase in the e-shop.

In addition to an online voucher for the e-shop, you can also purchase a physical voucher from us, which is valid for personal purchases at the store. We send this type of voucher by post, so you will have to wait a few days for it.


TIP FOR YOU: Please select personal collection as the shipping method in the basket, as we will only send the gift coupon electronically.



What if my size or favorite color is not in the offer? 


Please contact us by fanshop@ceskyflorbal.cz so we can check if there is a chance of some last item wandering somewhere in the warehouse. Or maybe we can arrange to reorder it.


TIP FOR YOU: We do not reorder all products and collections after their selling out. Don't hesitate with your purchase so that your size is still available.



Do you miss some product in stock? 


If there is something you think we should have in stock, but for some reason we don't, let us know! At fanshop@ceskyflorbal.cz, we will be happy for any tips on new products that you would like to see. 




How can I use a promotion or get a gift with a purchase?   


From time to time we offer some promotions for our goods. It can be free shipping, a gift with a purchase or a 1+1 promotion. Most often, we inform about such events on our social networks or in the newsletter. That is why we recommend you to follow our channels, where you can find all the news and information about current events.

 Free shipping - When the purchase amount specified in the conditions of the event is reached, shipping is automatically not included in the price of orders.

1+1 free promotion - We will automatically add the second product to your cart for free. Don't forget to choose the right size or variant of the bonus product when purchasing.

Gift with purchase - If you meet the conditions specified in the terms of the promotion, we will automatically put the gift in your cart for free.

OUR TIP: When using a discount code, capital and small letters must be distinguished. All letters are capitalized for a percentage discount on a purchase.